Why You Should Not Go All-Inclusive

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All hail party cat! The land is his litter box! (ewwww)

All-inclusive resorts are great playgrounds for those looking to get away from the hectic pace of their everyday lives and I must confess, I do enjoy them… maybe a little too much. Particularly if you visit one where the wee ones are not permitted, they can be a source of much debauchery and libation consuming without feeling like you’re corrupting the innocents. The only problem is… they get old fast and when they do, they are not worth it.

Don’t get me wrong – I think everyone should experience laying on a beach betting ripped on super-booze and sugar and then stuff themselves silly on a sumptuous buffet. But it should not make up the majority of your vacations because for a number of reasons. Curious to know what they are? I thought so!

1. They Are Expensive
Think about it – if these were truly good deals, there wouldn’t be so many resorts all over the world. If you want to do anything that isn’t included in the price, which is anything other than drinking, eating and sleeping, you have to pay more for it. For first timers, they can make do with laying around and doing nothing and so long as they don’t overdo it the first day on the drinking they won’t have any issues there either. Chances are though, each time you return doing nothing will be less and less satisfying, and that’s where the cost really soars.

2. You Only Meet the Same People
People on resorts can be… annoying. Off the start everyone is cool but quite often people who go to resorts leave their manners at home and just want to be treated like gods. There’s something about unlimited booze, food and a nice room that has that effect on people and well, it doesn’t bring out the best in them. They’re also generally pretty conservative individuals, which can rub the more liberal types the wrong way.

3. They Can Have a Weird Psychological Effect
If you spend day and night being served by indigenous people… well… you see where this is going. Only frequenting the same type of places, you can start to think all locals do is cater to the wealthy – seriously that type of racism it can creep up on you pretty fast.

4. You Rarely See the ‘Real’ Country
Driving from the airport to the gated community or going out and doing an excursion does not qualify as seeing what the place really has to offer. Resorts aren’t reality – they are fantasy lands. I’m not suggesting going to resorts doesn’t qualify as visiting a place as some form of travel snobbery, but the main reason for travel is to see something different and you’re not doing that if resorts are your preferred way to travel.


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