Madrid points of interest

Madrid is one of the best holiday destinations that one can visit in their lifetime. It is considered as the golden capital and no other city on the planet is more dynamic than the Madrid. Most of the Madrid points of interest are a museum, which tells that the city is more passionate about art than any other thing.

Madrid points of interest

The local cuisine hear has the rich taste and people love to fall on the streets for their dining. With the beautiful architecture around the nightlife is the main culture and heart of the city’s liveliness.

Here are some beautiful Madrid points of interest to look around:

  • Sol Santa Ana & Huertas:

One of the most visited Madrid points of interest, the closely packed streets are well known for nightlife. The options here for shopping, entertainment and eating are fabulous. Citizens there consider the place as the pumping heart where you can find the all Madrid’s great personalities.

Madrid points of interest

Many of the buildings there were the residences of great authors, artist and many more, now they are turned into museums. The best among all the Madrid points of interest it has all the A-class services for spending the best nightlife.

  • Royal Chapel of St. Anthony La Florida

The recently restored darken ceilings are stunning secrets. The portrays on the southern two small chapels are simply breath-taking. On the main roof of the chapel, the painting of the “St. Anthony raising the man from the dead” is the center of attraction.

Madrid points of interest

The mysterious mysteries here make the place as one of the most visited among the Madrid points of interest.

  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Thyssen is one of the astonishing private collections of the European art. This is an art museum and a gift to Madrid to have all art-loving people under a single roof. It has the collection of over 1600 paintings and the museum receive hundreds of thousands every year, which makes it a beautiful place of Madrid points of interest.

Madrid points of interest

The paintings here are amazing to watch, with such minuscule details by the artists like Paul Rubens, Pittoni, Ghirlandaio and many more, the paintings become even more beautiful to watch.

  • Royal Palace of Madrid

The palace was the official residence of the Spanish Royal family, but now they shifted to the outskirts of the city and donated the palace for the tourist purposes and to conduct official ceremonies. This is one of the Madrid point’s interests where you can know about the history of the city.

Madrid points of interest

The palace has around 3418 rooms but the official tour is permitted to only 50 rooms. These rooms display the clocks, violins. The throne room shows the things belong to kings and queens of the palace. Outside the palace in a plaza, the whole set of shiny armory collection and weapons are displayed.

  • Plaza Mayor

Grand Central Square of the Madrid, one of the charming open spaces makes the place as Madrid points of interest. The plaza has been famous for conducting the innumerable events. The place is initially used for conducting the bullfights and later on for wedding or birth celebrations.

Madrid points of interest

Among all the Madrid points of interest, it is the only place that tells the culture of both Spanish and European by the statues and the type of architecture around.

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