Things To Do In Indonesia For An Alluring Vacation

Things To Do In Indonesia

Do you have any plans to spend your vacation in Indonesia? There are innumerable things to do in Indonesia. Indonesia’s scattered archipelago is a conglomerate of uncountable natural habitats, sumptuous sand of more than 17000 sea-beaches, around 300 cultural backgrounds, and the majestic ranges.

Moreover, it is a religious hub with so many sacred places and temples present with all glory. Thus, if you want to make a list of the best things to see in Indonesia, it will take the whole day and night. However, the only thing relevant during the entire trip is to be cautious about safety. Beware of the fraudsters and enjoy every moment in high spirits. The iconic tourist destination will certainly not fail to mesmerize you.

The Best Things To Do In Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for mind-blowing surfing. You can get excellent chances to learn surfing and dive into the ocean of thrill. Moreover, the underwater adventure is something you cannot avoid on this splendid island. But you have to follow the instructions of the guide to prevent any mishap.

Are you asking what to do in Indonesia? Well, the answer will never be complete as the number is a huge one. Not just surfing, you can also climb up the mountains for an unbelievable adventure. What can be more thrilling than the company of both ravishing waters and the gargantuan mountains? The additional prize in the Indonesia trip is the natural flora and fauna. The freedom of the wildlife is attractive for the tourists.

Furthermore, the wildlife photographers will not miss a single chance to capture the long-tailed monkeys’ actions. Hence, The Monkey Forest of Bali is a remarkable attraction for tourists. Therefore, there are indeed lots of things to do in Indonesia to energize all your veins.

Top Things To See In Indonesia

The list is indeed a huge one. However, we have tried to cover a few of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Visit To Bali: Quite likely, Bali is the most visited place in the country. Moreover, the exhilarating island attracts flocks of tourists during most of the year. It is the center of attraction for honeymoon couples also.

Historical Architectures: There are several landmarks bearing stories from the past. Additionally, they are strongly built and sculpture is something you cannot forget. Therefore, the proximity of the glorious temples gives a clear picture of the country’s cultural side.

Hindu Temples: Indonesia unfolds the grand presence of both Hindu and Buddhist temples. For many Hindus, this is the home of the holiest temple in the whole world. Moreover, to contemplate the relics, sunrise is the best time. So, wake up early and lose yourself amidst the wonders of Nature.

Climbing Volcanic Mountains: Indonesia is the land for vivacious volcanoes. So, climb them up if you are an enthusiastic hiker. Trust me; it is going to be one of the fabulous trekking memories of your life.

The Underwater Dive: The longest coastline incredibly borders Indonesia. Therefore, scuba diving and surfing are the most popular activities. Enjoy the reality of marine life by watching them live. The seconds are enough to give a lifetime experience.

It is not the end of the marvelous things to do in Indonesia. Explore the variety of activities as you land on this marvelous spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I avoid in Indonesia?

Among all the things to do in Indonesia, you should also take care of something you cannot do. Some of these are;-

  • No underestimating or joking any caste or creed.
  • No drinking and doing drugs.
  • Never forget to thank others.
  • Never disturb the wildlife.
  • Don’t ignore the Indonesian customs.

2. Is Indonesia safe in 2019?

2019 was an absolute safe year for travelers in Indonesia. Bali witnessed more than 5 million tourists in that year.

3. What is Indonesia well known for?

Indonesia is so much renowned for being the largest South-Asian country. The enchanting volcanoes dot the nation. The Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet this exotic island, rendering a spectacular view for the tourists.

4. How long should I spend in Indonesia?

If you are willing to spend a more extended vacation in Indonesia, two months will be enough. However, you can plan about all the things to do in Indonesia much beforehand and decide the duration. Therefore, you can check out the itinerary and set the roadmap about how to proceed.


There are indeed multiple things to do in Indonesia to spend an exciting vacation. Moreover, you can involve in several outdoor activities like surfing, trekking, jungle trips, and many more. So, it is going to be a superb experience for both adults and children.

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