Will the Uncertainty of the Road see you Bloom or Wilt?

There is one certainty when you take to the road – you will face uncertainty. There is no way that you can prepare yourself for what a foreign country is like by reading about it or even by word of mouth. The reality is that when you are faced up with something new there will be stress involved. For some this stress is enlivening and leads them to want to overcome the obstacles of the road and take confidence from these accomplishments. While for others these stresses send them running as quickly as they can to get back home to the customs, people and places they know. This article looks to show through example which of the two grouping mentioned about you might fall into.

cat-beachOpen Mindedness

Before I carry on about the wonderful qualities of being open minded let’s first say that open mindedness comes generally with a lack of certainty in action and thought. So to be open minded will make it harder for an individual to commit themselves to a definite way of life or in other words: career, partner, and life style. With that said though being open minded while traveling will help you see the differences of where you are as intriguing. The differences of other cultures will not so much seem daunting and bizarre, but rather as something you want to learn about. On the other hand, the closed minded individual will see these differences as an affront to what they “know” and want to get away from it. People generally consider themselves open minded, a few weeks on the road will garner a real answer to that question however.

Freedom or Security

 A person that prefers to feel unrestrained by commitments will naturally gravitate towards the road. The lifestyle living abroad tends to side towards not committing deeply to jobs or people and this lack of structure makes the person that covets freedom find new resources of strength to adversity. On the other hand, if structure is your preference there is little of it and it can make a person feel very uncertain with little definite to grasp on to. This is the kind of uncertainty that will lead a person to want to go back to what they know and head home.


The last element is a person’s excitement for new things. If you feel a strong sense of novelty when in a totally foreign environment you will covet that feeling and want more. If on the other hand, a new environment results in anxiety it will be something you want to get away from. Unfortunately one cannot be totally sure where they fit on between these two traits till they get out there. Reading about a place just won’t do. Most people will say they want to travel; it’s on them to find out if it really is something that they enjoy once it has actually began.

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